I like feminism, cats, and video games.

Sidebar image was drawn by Skirtzzz. The corner image was drawn by the wonderfully talented Madam Utzsar. Scarves were by [x] [x] and [x].
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For the Rose Bride


how are you european assholes enjoying your hyrule warriors



also there’s enough FF6 characters for a full party of them in Theatrhythm Curtain Call and Edgar is in and HE HAS HIS CHAINSAW YESSS

I almost avoided getting this…………..almost…………


3 of these drawings seem to find those fish very sexy o.O

[commission info link]

Bust: $5
Partial-body: $15
Full-body: $25

Paypal USD only; contact: utzsar@gmail.com // MadamUtzsar@deviantart

take a look-see at my YCH blog for cheaper options on pre-drawn poses. lots of nsfw stuff there though, be warned.

I got top marks on my student teaching midterm in almost every category, I am so happy :’D

Apparently a recent poll showed that 72% of Americans disapprove of the GOP and it just fucking pisses me off because they are guaranteed to keep the House and could quite possibly gain control of the Senate. If you disapprove then you should show it with your votes. It honestly boggles my mind that the party of racism, sexism and homophobia is still relevant.


MEGA MANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


when ur friend makes great art


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BOO! a quick Majora’s mask gif.     *insert his creepy laugh here*

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