I like feminism, cats, and video games.

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I just preordered Hyrule Warriors from Amazon. Hardest decision of my life.

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commission of zelda and impa from hyrule warriors!!!!!!  helping the queen get into her battle corset; it’s very important


Croc Tail / Mike Korostelev


the zelimpa in hyrule warriors gives me life


please watch this vine of a bird pooping in ashley young’s mouth




Today is the day Marty McFly goes to the future!

Where is my hoverboard

I just have to reblog this because this is LITERALLY a once in a lifetime thing and I need it on my blog. 

I’m scared if I follow this wikihow for point by point they will know and be like, LOOK AT THIS PERSON WHO HAD TO USE WIKIHOW FOR HOW TO ASK FOR A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION

I need to email two of my professors and ask for letters of recommendation but I’m scared and I’ve never asked for one before and email etiquette how?? ???